Team MK Club Ride to Castle Ashby 23/10/2010

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I am glad I went on the Team MK club run this morning.  I almost didn’t go having seen the weather forecast of heavy rain and then showers with some sun later.  But ‘later’ was after the club run would have finished.

As the cafe stop was going to be at Castle Ashby, which is only about 5 miles from my home I didn’t drive to Stony Stratford with my bike in the car.  Instead I rode the 12 miles there with the intention of dropping out of the ride when it passed through Olney.  Its quite a hilly route along back roads but I took an easy ride and arrived 10 minutes before departure time of 9:30 having left home at 8:30.

At first it didnt seem as though many people would turn up, probably influenced by the weather forecast I thought.  Quite a few did appear though as the time drew closer to leave.  I joined the ‘C’ group again.  There wasnt so many as last week, I would guess around 24 riders.  After a few miles we stopped to split again into a fast group and slow group.  I elected for the fast group but for the first couple of miles I was having second thoughts as we were moving along at 18 and 19 mph plus but I gradually got into the rythm and was rolling along with the bunch and keeping toward the front.

The roads were quite wet, with some puddles so it was a case of keeping slightly to one side of the rider in front to avoid the spray.  The puddles are best avoided on the country lanes as you are never quite sure how deep they may be or what kind of crater there might be lurking underneath.

We reached the cafe after about 35 miles.  That is 35 miles of my riding, the rest of the riders had done around 23 but I had already done the last part of the ride on my way to the start.  I was quite glad really because that’s a fairly hilly ride to finish off on, with a couple of long drags.  At least that was all out of the way for me.

We set off after our break just after the ‘slow’ group had arrived which eased the congestion in the cafe.  For me there was  just about 5 miles back to Olney on familiar roads where we parted our ways. The ride was 41.5 miles at 16.4mph, a little shorter and a shade slower than last weeks ride.  The weather was great despite the forecast, mostly sunshine not cold and NO rain !!


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