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What we have in common is not a lot actually except we both ride bikes and we both rode this same bit of road..

The trouble is it seems  no video can capture the actual steepness and length of the climb and the speed he goes up it makes it look easy too..

However, he did it in something under 40 minutes and I did it in 1Hr 25mins!  Also what we dont have in common is age.  Him being in his 30’s at the time  this was filmed and I was 67 for my attempt!!   So maybe that levels things up a bit..?

Suite à une erreur dans le fichier publié, j'a...

Alpe d'Huez

This is the climb I did back in May with my friend Cyril on our French Alps camping trip.   The object being to fulfil a long held ambition to climb the Alpe d’Huez.  You can find my account of our ride up the Alpe here ..

I came across this bit of video whilst browsing something else and it bought it all back to me so I thought I would experiment in trying to post videos on my blog.. So another string to my bow now..