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Well Summertime ends tonight and the dark days are coming.. 😦

But to look on the bright side, life and cycling goes on.  Todays club run was good although I drove all the way over to Stony Stratford and then rode all the way back to Olney again on the club run.  We were on our way to Marston Moretaine for a ‘cuppa’ at the Forest Park Cafe.  Not much of a Forest yet but in about 100 years it should be showing some signs I guess.  One other thing about Marston Moretaine is the fact that unusually the Church tower is detached from the Church by a little distance.  I don’t think I have come across that before?

Marston Moretaine Church. The church is odd in...

Marston Moretaine Church Tower and Church

In the course of the ride I passed my target mileage for October of 1000 kms/621 miles.   I exceeded it by 40 miles.  Not sure I can keep that mileage up through the winter and maybe I wont set any targets now until the new year when training starts in earnest.   Just ride when I can, weather permitting.  I collect the Team MK winter kit on Tuesday evening so I cant let that go to waste!!

I have already written about the rides earlier in the week but since then, apart from todays ride I have done 2 more.  On Thursday I went out for a cross-country mountain bike ride with my grandson Harry who is 12.   It wasnt too succesful though.  Because of the weather we have had the tracks had become very muddy, and,  as they are used by horses as well, pretty churned up.  It was a shame because I rode the same route a couple of weeks ago and it was dry as a bone.  We had to abort the trip after a few miles as the bikes were just getting clogged up with mud.  We still had the fun of getting back and then power washing the mud off.. it flew everywhere !!  On Friday I went for 30 mile ride with my friend Cyril.  A sociable ride at an easy pace as Cyril doesn’t like to ride too fast and i was taking it easy because of todays club run which I knew would be quite pacy.

It was a good ride but hard riding and I was in the ‘C’ group.  There is an ‘A’ and ‘B’ group but they really hammer along and I am not ready for them yet.  The ‘C’ group also splits into two.. faster and slower.  I set off with the fast group but just before Olney one of the guys got a puncture so we all stopped, only to be caught and passed by the slow group.  Just to keep things moving I tagged on the back of them for a while and eventually we were caught and passed by the fast group again but I couldn’t be bothered to chase them down.  Later a rider broke from our group and chased across to join the leaders but I stayed put and was thinking that as an exercise I might just try to catch them when they were climbing a long drag up out of Newton Blossomville as my climbing now seems to be pretty good.

Sure enough we passed through Newton Blossomville and swung off to the right and at the start of the climb I rode through the group and out from the front in chase of the leaders.   By the time I got to the top I had close a quarter of a mile gap down to about 100 yards and once over the top pressed on to catch the stragglers from that group.  I took a little shelter for a while and then rode on to catch the leaders which I did and was feeling pretty good about my efforts.  another few miles with another long upward drag and we were at the cafe and ready for that drink and, in some cases huge slices of cake but I just had my Mars bar.

The ride back was equally as hilly but I did OK and stayed at the front end of the group the entire way back to Stony Stratford by which time the group had split up into smaller groups but I stayed ahead with the leaders.

After tonight and the change from British Summertime back to Greenwich Mean Time I will be riding the Specialized bike for the winter.