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Only two rides this week, the club ride on Wednesday and Saturdays club ride.  Circumstances and weather prevented any more rides and as soon as I started yesterday I could feel my legs were not going so well.  I think I need to fit in one more ride per week through the winter.  The club rides are pretty hard going so I need to keep in shape.  I think probably a more relaxed ride on a Monday would be the ideal just to pedal and not ride too hard.

Yesterdays ride was much harder than I had thought it would be from a pre race read of the route.  It didn’t appear that it would be very hilly.  I had some knowledge of the area but the ride organiser seems to have found more hills than I remembered.  After a few flat miles the hills seemed to come one after the other and the first part of the ride was two-thirds the total distance, thirty plus miles.  Quite a wide loop round.  We stopped for a ‘cuppa’ at Stockgrove Country Park, just north of Leighton Buzzard.  In the last few miles before stopping we climbed one of the big hills that was in the Brickhills Challenge ride that I rode at the beginning of October.  A climb that goes up in three stages.  |It starts at the Three Locks public house and then climbs up to Great Brickhill.  The first part is quite steep and then it eases off a little and your legs find things a little easier and then it kicks up again and that’s when all the lactic acid seems to rush into your legs and its a killer.  Once that part is over it isn’t flat, but it feels as though it is in comparison but you have a long drag up into Great Brickhill and just couple of miles of twisty turny and up and down narrow lanes to Stockgrove Country Park.


Stockgrove Country Park

Stockgrove Country Park

There were fewer of us in the ‘C’ group training ride yesterday.  I couldn’t understand why at first as it was a nice sunny day, quite cold and not too much wind.  About as good as you could expect at this time of year.  But with hindsight maybe they had ridden the route before and knew it.   It was quite a rural route, all country lanes and not too much traffic.  I do seem to do pretty well on the hills.  Although I don’t like them too much I seem to find myself at near the front when we get to the top.  I remember it was the same when I was racing in my earlier years.  I used to dread the arrival of the hills but I always seemed to make up some places.