Team MK club ride, Weds, 17 Nov


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Judging by todays weather winter is definitely here now.  There was a very cold and strong south-east wind blowing this morning so we elected to ride more or less into the wind on the way out so as to have an easier ride on the way back.

There was about twelve of us this morning of mixed ability so the first half of the outward journey was quite slow what with the wind and waiting for slower riders to catch up.  Eventually a few of them indicated for us to ride ahead, although we were not riding fast by any means.

Not too many hills today fortunately.  The cafe stop was near  the reservoirs at Marsworth and Tring in Hertfordshire and on the edge of the Chiltern Hills but fortunately we stopped short of climbing any of them.  I took the Edge 500 off the bike while in the cafe, hence the temperature rise.

We all regrouped at the cafe apart from two who had gone on another route to a different cafe.  It was so very cold when we came out of the cafe and we were keen to get riding again.  We exactly retraced our outward route and felt the benefit of the tailwind then.  We more or less stayed together on the way back, apart from the last few miles that as usual, saw the group split up a bit.

It was so cold that I didn’t break sweat once, despite being quite well wrapped up.  In fact it was difficult to even keep warm.  However, it is going to get colder yet but I will try to keep getting the miles in my legs when I can.

I was surprised at the amount of other cyclists that were about today, it being a weekday.  There was a group already at the cafe when we arrived and then another group were arriving  just as we left.  Similar to our group I would guess that there were not many retired people among them.  Must be unemployed people I guess or self-employed that can take a day out from work more easily.  I would say in our group there are only about four that are retirement age.


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