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Now its winter and the roads are mostly wet these days its courtesy to other riders in the group to fit mudguards to prevent the following riders getting sprayed with water and in some cases mud.  It also prevents you from getting a dirty stripe up your own back from the spray from your own back wheel.  However its a courtesy not everybody seems to follow.  I was pretty soon getting a good few spots of mud on my nice clean jacket and that has been the same for the last few rides.  I did try to get behind a riders with mudguards once I realised what was happening.

The route for Saturday was passing through my home town Olney on the way out and back so I rode the 12 miles over to Stony Stratford to start the ride and then I could just drop out of the group at Olney on the return trip.

It was another very cold day, not freezing yet but pretty cold none the less. We set a pretty good pace and were soon quite warm. The route took a wide loop out and came back through Olney on the way out.

On arrival at the cafe it was full of people most of who had been taking a walk around the park so we had no alternative but to sit on the outside tables. There was no hanging around for idle chatter I can tell you, we were pretty soon on our way again and trying to get the body warm again. I barely had time to get warm before we were arriving back at Olney again and time for me to leave the group and head home for a nice warm.

By the time I got home the mudguards I had fitted temporarily with the aid of several plastic tie-wraps until the new ones arrived were just about to fall off but fortunately when I got home the new ones had been delivered so they are all fitted now and ready for the next expedition.

If I go out tomorrow for a while I think I might try a ride on the Claud Butler touring bike as if the weather  really deteriorates over the coming months I can see me using that on the club rides maybe.  It has larger tyres and decent tread but also quite heavy as it is more of a load carrying touring bike rather than a lightweight racer.  I’ll see if its going to be too much hard work maintaining the sort of speed we travel at on the club runs first though.