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I chickened out of the Team MK Wednesday ride this morning,  it was too cold !!   But I did think I would go out later in the day when it was hopefully a bit warmer.

First I was going to do some final clearing up on the fencing project that had been occupying my time between cycling trips for the last few days.

That took me most of the morning and after lunch I decided that although it still wasnt much warmer than this morning I would get out on the road with a clear conscience knowing there were no chores waiting to be done.. One of  the principles I was brought up on was “work first, play later..” well I don’t think my kind of cycling is exactly play, but it is fun..

It was about 2pm when I left home and the sun was shining brightly. I had decided on a route I thought would take me about 2 hours and be about 25 miles.. to be back by 4pm which is getting dark time now..

Pretty soon the sun had disappeared behind some clouds and by the time I reached about halfway point it was getting a bit gloomy and the temperature was still dropping.  I was thinking maybe I should put my foot down a bit.. well both feet actually, alternately.

Fortunately I had my little red rear light on which I set to flashing mode to increase my visibility in addition to my bright yellow jacket although cars still didn’t have their lights on.

I aborted my original ride plan and cut it shorter than intended and stayed on a main road for about 5 miles as a short cut.  The light was now fading but still good enough visibility although cars heading in the opposite direction now had their lights on and the contrast made it seem darker than it was.

Soon I was off the main road again and cutting through the back way via Sherington and then out the other side, up the hill and then on a Cycle Path by the main road pretty much all the way to Olney and a sigh of relief that it was still quite light but glad I took the short cut.

However my estimating hadn’t been up to much because my estimated 25 mile spin was actually almost 30 miles and that with the 5 miles taken off ! If you check out the heart rate graph you will see towards the end how much extra effort I was putting in.  I was home in under 2 hours too and average speed of 16.2 mph over a quite hilly circuit, but a good testing circuit.  You will see the average speed over the 10 mile splits where getting increasingly faster as the light was fading.

It was a good work out though and the sort of average speed for the club ride I missed in the morning and there was nobody to shelter behind either.. all my own work !

Anyway.. I have now ordered myself a little lightweight white headlight for the front of the bike to augment my rear light so as not to be caught out again.