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Still very cold here and I opted to have a bit of a workout on the Turbo Trainer this afternoon just to keep the legs going in case of an extended lay-off due to the weather.


I set up one of the bikes on the trainer in the garage and set the Garmin to run without the GPS function.  It was very cold down there but I knew I was going to get warm fairly quickly.

My original intention was just to pedal a steady 15/16 mph for an hour but after about a half hour I got a bit carried away as you will see from the downloaded data.  I finished up with 20 miles in the hour so obviously, 20mph and 20 miles ridden.  The final bit was at 22/24 mph.

The only problem is it gets a bit boring riding inside.  I had my I-Pod for company but that failed with about 15 minutes to go.  Once I got warmed up and on a  roll it was fine and I could have probably done another hour or so but as a try out it was OK.  Next time I will get a spare TV going down there and watch a film or something or even just make sure the I-Pod is charged up !!

Its a good way to keep in shape but its all pedalling, no free wheeling down hills but then again, no climbing hills either but if I choose I do have a control to add some loading and simulate hill climbs, if I really wanted to !!