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This cold spell seems to be going on for a while yet and I think I might have to bite the bullet and get out on bike again pretty soon.

It looks like it’s not going to get any warmer for at least a week.  The temperature hasn’t been above freezing for the last couple of days.  its been around -1 or -2C in the daytime and at first light around -6 or -4C.  I can’t afford to be off the bike for that long or I will soon lose any fitness I have achieved over the last few months.

Thats another of the downsides of getting older, you don’t retain any fitness for more than a week or two.   Apart from the extra clothing needed to keep warm there is the care needed on the frozen back roads.  I was looking to see if I have any grippy tyres today.  Just one pair of Schwalbe Lugano tyres that are only partly worn and still have a fair amount of dimpling on them.  The same tyres I have on now but the ‘tread’ has mostly worn away on the top surface. So, tomorrows job will be tyre changing I think in that cold cold garage.. 😦