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Did our planned Xmas shopping trip this morning despite the country crippling 1cm of snow on the ground at daybreak !  The drive through the snow-covered scenery made it seem quite appropriate for Xmas shopping, setting the scene.

Two or three stops along away and then headed with fear and trepidation into Milton Keynes Shopping Centre.  Not as bad as expected though, car parks nowhere near full, not too surprised about that I suppose, given my opening paragraph.

In retrospect I think the timing was just right as today the workers will be getting their month end pay cheques and the big spend will begin.   Today was probably the last chance for the shopping to be reasonably easy-going.  An accidental bit of good fortune.

Online shopping is definitely the way to go for me.   There seemed so little choice in the shops.  At least there wasnt for the things we were looking for.  A couple of things we wandered all over looking for and couldn’t find just what was wanted and came home and found and ordered exactly what we wanted online within minutes.

So now if and when it gets warm enough I can get out on the bike with an easy conscience, not thinking I should be somewhere else.