Wow, Its winter again and the UK is gridlocked !! Every year the same, we are never prepared for it.

Every year the same problems, 2 or 3 cm’s of snow and we are running out of road grit, airports closed, roads gridlocked, schools closed, railways cant pick up the electricity, people cant get to work ( or dont even bother to try?) and probably lots more.  But why the same every year? Dont we ever learn?  Maybe someone should take a trip to Russia or Canada find out what the big secret is.  After all, winter happens every year.

I remember when I was younger we had snow then and I dont recall my schools ever being closed.  I still walked to school through the snow, same as i did every school day.  Maybe a little slower but the thought of not going didn’t enter my head or the teachers.  They were always there and cars in those days didnt have the driving aids that are around these days like ABS and ESP.  Also most mothers stayed home and didnt go to work so it wasnt a case of shoving the kids out of the door to get them to school as they had to go to work.  It was just accepted that’s what you did.

On the TV news last night there was an article about a village that was ‘cut off’ because of snow.  They showed people that had had to walk half a mile to get into the village, amazing, how brave!  They travelled all that way without a car!!  The kids hadn’t been able to get to school but they seemed to be able to walk into the village and that’s where the school was.  On the lunchtime TV news today there was a reporter standing by a motorway in Yorkshire reporting on the fact that the area was paralysed because of the snow.  Unfortunately, because of bad production, she was standing on a motorway bridge with the motorway behind her and two clear carriageways, no snow on the road and the traffic going about 60/70mph.

Do you know, its also strange that although people can’t seem to get to work when it snows they can always get home OK if it starts to snow when they are at work. They don’t have to stay at work because they can’t get home.

I know they do get it bad up north and they probably have a justifiable excuse a lot of the time but down here in the south it doesn’t take more than a couple of centimetres to cause chaos whereas up north it’s probably at least a couple of feet.

Schools get closed for ‘Health and Safety’ reasons but all that means is that the kids have a day off, sometimes their parents are at work, or should be! so they have the day alone. If there is any snow around they are out on the hills on all kinds of make shift sleds taking all kinds of risks, far greater than any risk they would be exposed to at school.  I remember snow ball fights in the playground and making ‘slides’ on the ice and I dont remember any accidents, just a lot of fun and rosy cheeks when we went back into class.

When I was still an apprentice I used to bike to work along with the majority of the work force in those days. Every winter when the snow was too deep to cycle the company would arrange for open back lorries to pick up workers at certain points on the way to work and we would climb on the back of the truck.  Thinking back it probably looked like a lorry load of prisoners of war being transported but it’s what happened.  If  it hadn’t people would have walked to work it didn’t enter people’s head not to even try.  People just got to work.

I think we are getting too soft as a Nation.

OK, rant over for now.  Hope I get back out on the bike soon then I can bore you with cycling tales again.. 🙂