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I will explain the title later.. but its worth waiting for.. !

I bit the bullet this morning and went out for a bike ride.  It was barely above freezing and it seemed to take ages to get all the layers on and get out.  Not like in those long lost days of summer when all that’s required is a shirt and shorts..

I was aiming for around 30 miles at a steady pace as it had been 10 days since my last ride.  That came as quite a surprise to me when I worked it out.. 10 days, apart from a turbo trainer session a week ago.

It was a bit cold and misty when I set off  but about half way round the sun broke through but not with any heat.  At about this stage the cold was beginning to bite into my feet despite the winter shoe covers.

This is where the kitchen equipment bit comes in.  During the last week I saw a ‘tweet’ from Bradley Wiggins on Twitter.  He had been out on the bike for about 3 hours and was extolling the virtues of Cling Film/Kitchen Wrap.  With gradual revelations over about  3 tweets it came to light that he had wrapped his feet in cling film before going out on the bike.  This was after putting on socks and before the shoes and in addition to overshoes .  I wish I had taken his advice and next time I will try it for sure.

I went out despite my bad back.  It was fine when I was cycling but it took me a while to get straight again when I got off the bike.  It brought to mind the pictures I have seen of the evolution of man from crouching to standing.  I go through the process in about 5 minutes though, not millions of years !

My route to standing when I got off the bike !!

Despite the cold and after effects it was worth it for the ride, as it usually is when an effort is required to get out..  Maybe I should try harder and be more determined to get out while the cold weather lasts ( with aid of kitchen equipment !!)


5 thoughts on “Kitchen Equipment In Cycling…

  1. I had to do a google search on “cling film” to make sure I knew what you were talking about! 🙂 Interesting idea, though. I guess the product acts as a wind block and traps the heat generated by your feet. If you try it, let me know how it works for you!


  2. I did wonder if it would stand international translation.. Conflict of interest now.. do I go out in really cold weather just to try it out or stay warm indoors..?? No Contest.. will wait until its not TOO cold


    • I think I’ll have an opportunity to cycle in near-freezing conditions tomorrow. I’ll give the cling film a go and let you know how it does for me. Just to be clear – you put it on over the socks, but under the shoes, correct?


  3. I hope to be be trying it out tomorrow myself a few hours before you. We are promised temperatures above freezing for next couple of days. But in answer to your question, yes, over socks, under shoes and shoe covers maybe as well.. !!


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