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I ducked out of my intended bike ride today and I had a session on the indoor fitness bike.  My reason was not one of cowardice but that I hope to do a long ride tomorrow, possibly on the Team MK ride.

I found myself a new training partner today too.  I started off listening to a podcast on the I-Pod but that didn’t do it for me and I browsed through the albums and found a compilation album of AC/DC tracks, but instrumental versions only, no vocals.  It really rocked and a good rhythm for pedalling.  I did an hours cardio interval session so the pedalling speed varied between 80 and 110 rpm.  Its pity it’s not safe to do the same on the road as it would make hearing the traffic a bit tricky, especially as AC/DC demand to be played very loud!!

I did just over 26 miles in my hours pedalling and burned  730 calories so, a good workout.  It’s definitely warmer today, above freezing for a change and up around 3-4C.  It’s due to last another couple of days we are told but weather forecasting is a bit hit and miss I think.   Hopefully its right as there hasn’t been a club training ride for 2 weeks now and the miles are precious at this time of year.  I remember a similar course of events last winter, but that was after Christmas.  It’s a bit early this year lets hope we are not in for a long winter this year.  That would be OK if the summer was correspondingly good I guess.