I have been preparing my heavy-duty Claud Butler touring bike this morning.  It weighs in at about 29lbs and has a longer wheelbase and is more of a touring, leisure type frame geometry than my other 2 road bikes.  The other thing is that it has 32mm tyres on it with a decent tread.  It looks like it might be necessary if the winter weather continues as we havent ‘officially’ entered our normal time of year for the cold weather.

Claud Butler Touring Bike

Pushing the extra weight will hopefully come in useful for training purposes and make the other bikes feel so much lighter when I get back onto them.  It has a very traditional British ‘Brooks‘ manufacture,  the  B17 Special leather saddle. I also have a big saddlebag for use on this bike which is also a traditional British  ‘Carradice Nelson Longflap’ model so I can carry plenty of luggage in terms of food and clothing in it instead of distributed about my body.  Also of course, I can have somewhere to put discarded clothing should the situation occur!  It’s not fitted at the moment, It just has the tool/spare tube bag on. In an effort  to keep the weight down a bit for now and as I am not planning any trips of long enough duration to need it yet.

It also doesn’t look like a racer so any passing cyclists wont be expecting me to latch onto their wheel and neither will I feel that I have to!  I do feel the need when riding the other bikes to keep up appearances and push on a bit but hopefully I can be more relaxed when on this one, but we will see.  I will still probably have an eye on the average speed and think well maybe if I just pushed on a bit I could raise that average speed up to ……!!!

I originally built this bike up when I was considering doing the ‘End to End’ ride which is a ride of around 1000 miles from Lands End in Cornwall to John O’Groats at the northern tip of Scotland.  The most southerly point of  Britain to the most northerly.   It takes around two weeks to do the trip, well it would at my age anyway.  I had intended carrying camping gear on it but I think now if I did it I would take one of the other lighter bikes and travel much lighter I think.  Thats a story for another day though.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts for this morning and hopefully tomorrow I will get out on it for 2 or 3 hours.  Circumstances prevented a ride today and its a nice day too but similar is forecast for tomorrow.