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I got out on my bike yesterday but it was much colder than Saturday.  I started in a temperature of zero degrees C and finished at maybe one degree above.   I was riding the Claud Butler bike.  It is quite a bit heavier than the other bikes but the only place its really noticeable is going uphill.  It may have been aided by the fact that I hadn’t been out on the bike for a week and maybe I lost some fitness as well.


I felt much more confident with the bigger tyres and decent tread as the back roads were still frosty.  I think I will stick with it for a while at least.  It will be good training,  like riding uphill permanently.  I rode one of my familiar routes, about 33 miles of undulating country roads and lanes.  I didn’t see too many other cyclists about, it’s usually quite busy on Sunday morning.

I tried the cling film around the feet as a means of keeping my feet warm but I think either I need to apply it in a better way or else it was just so cold it was fighting a losing battle.