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I went out on the bike this morning, much against my better instincts.   I really didn’t feel like it.  I had originally planned to go out on the Team MK Wednesday training ride but woke too late to get to Stony Stratford.  This was the time that I was thinking ‘Oh well, maybe I’ll make it for the Saturday ride’ and leave it that.

But I knew deep inside that I really had to get out if I was really intent on getting back into shape.  So that’s why I was be found out on the bike this morning.  I knew there was quite a strong wind blowing from the south so I headed into that to have a slightly easier ride on the way back.  Nothing worse than doing it the other way around if you have the choice.

However, not only did I have a headwind, I also had a very low sun shining right into my eyes and the added glare of the reflected sun off the wet road right into my eyes.  At times I was completely blinded.  The first 20 miles or so were either south or south-east so it was tough going I can tell you.  Typically, once I switched direction with the sun off to my right or behind me the sun disappeared behind the clouds that had arrived from nowhere out of a cold blue sky.

These clouds got darker and more intense and surrounded me and I could see it was going to rain pretty soon, just to complete my day.  I therefore cut short my original route by about 6 miles and headed for home.  I did beat the rain home, just…

If you click on the picture above and study the details of my ride you will see all this played out in the statistics.  The first part of the ride into the wind was slow going and my heart rate was high.  The return part of the loop was reversed, the speed was higher and my heart slower.  Every picture tells a story they say, this one does for sure !  It’s useful to have that kind of information to hand.

Anyway I did have a kind of sense of achievement, mind over matter and maybe proved something to myself.  Not sure what but I’ll think about it.