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Been another busy day at Goldsmith Mansions.. preparing for the swap to Sky Broadband.  I spent the morning preparing new e-mail addresses and trying to find a name that nobody else had, I didnt realise that permutations of my name would be so popular !

That done I took a little bike ride this afternoon as Sky had said not to try and connect until late in the day so I seized the opportunity for a little winter afternoon sunshine.  I repeated my ride of the other day, this time chipping off another five tenths of a mile per hour.  There was no assistance from the wind in either direction.

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I downloaded the LVRC (League of Veteran Racing Cyclists) 2011 race calendar this morning as well so race planning can commence forthwith.  Fortified with confidence of improving times I will look forward to starting racing towards the end of April I think.  Many a mile and calorie to be burned before then though.

Upon my return from the ride I grasped the bull by the horns and disconnected the BT Broadband and connected the Sky router.  Dont know what I was concerned about really, all went very well and was over in a matter of minutes. Set up and two laptops and two BlackBerry’s connected within minutes.