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I took another ride this morning, a 33 mile circuit into Bedfordshire.   Longer than the last few rides and at a pretty steady pace.  I was going at a good 16+ mph average and then there was an annoying whistling noise from somewhere, and no, it wasnt my lungs!!

I have the Crud Roadracer 2 guards on my Specialized winter bike and they are pretty close to the wheels due the lack of clearance on what is basically a race frame not designed for mudguards.  I eventually HAD to stop to sort it out.  Noises from my bike drive me crazy, any rattle, squeak, knocking noise has to be sourced and fixed.  It transpires that I had ridden over some mud on the roads and it had accumulated between the tyre and mudguard around the rear brake area where the clearance is the least.  Having failed to find a puddle to ride through to wash it away I found a little twig and tried to clear it with that but not successfully.  In retrospect I should have done what I did when I got home and that is to drop the wheel out and clear it quite easily.  I was just so annoyed at the time about having to stop because I hate that.  It breaks the rhythm and I get cold.  I didn’t seem to get going properly after that.  If you diagnose the charts on the ride details above you would see that the first two ten mile segments were at over 16mph and the last was around 14’ish.  It could be that I was just getting worn out I suppose ?  It had been quite a hilly ride.  I had also moved the cadence sensor somehow as that reading disappeared from the diagnosis at the same point.

Anyway it’s another few miles under my tyres towards my January target of 450 miles but I am never going to hit that.  I am about 290 miles short of it at the moment but maybe another 3 rides before the end of month will go some way to decrease that.  I put the missed target down to inclement weather and household stuff that got in the way.  Not too much of a setback as I see it’s a similar mileage to last year at the same time.

So I have about 2 months and one week to get fit before I plan to ride my first road race of the year and the first one for me for about 45 years.. !!  I wont actually enter anything until I get a  better idea of how things are going but the first weekend in April is the provisional target.