I have been having a think about training and race preparation.  My original plan was to race up to a level of fitness and then enter two or three 100km Sportives but the economics of that forced me to reconsider that option.

To enter a decently organised Sportive is going to cost around £20 to £25+ whereas race entry fees are only around £8 – £12.  There is a far greater selection of reasonably local races than there are Sportives.  So I might as well enter some races and race myself fit once I have reached a decent level of  fitness.

Also from my limited experience of Sportives in the UK and from what I read, they are semi competitive anyway.  They seem to comprise of riders who like to pretend they are racing without the hassle or extra competitiveness of proper race.  They are virtually unofficial road races but are disguised not to be so by the fact that they dont release  a list of finish times in order of the actual times.  This technicality avoids having to get permission for a road race on public roads from the authorities.

Having said all that please dont think that I disapprove of Sportives in any way.  My decision is based purely on logic and economics.  If I am going to ride myself into state of near exhaustion I might as well do it for half the price!