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I took what was to be my last ride for January on Sunday.   It was a pretty good day, bright and dry and very little wind but just very cold.  My feet were frozen by the end despite 2 pairs of socks and Cling Film/kitchen wrap around my feet between the socks ( A Bradley Wiggins tip that didn’t seem to work for me!)

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I rode a circuit I havent ridden for a long time, into Bedfordshire and back via Northamptonshire.  I chose the route so as to have whatever wind there was to be had on my tail from the north east on the way home.

I rode my Felt bike just for a change as the roads were dry and no sign of frost anywhere.  It did feel good after riding the Specialized most of the winter.  The difference in the feel of  the carbon fibre frame was quite noticeable after riding on the aluminium/alloy frame.  It felt very rigid and responsive.  I will be back on the Specialized bike again for a while yet though I think.

My mileage target for January was missed by many many miles, I was about 200 miles short of my 450 target.  Maybe given the weather we should have been expecting and actually had I was a bit ambitious with that target.  I think I will aim for 450 miles in February, especially as it’s a short month but I hope it’s a target I will exceed this time!

I am waiting in today for a parcel to be collected.  It’s a surround system I have sold on E-bay as I now have a new one.  The proceeds from this are soon going to spent on parts to set up a new Dynatech titanium frame I have inherited ( new to me, that is) as a single speed fixed wheel bike.

It will virtually be a track bike but with just one brake, the front one.  In fact as soon as I have finished this blog I will be trawling E-bay for the parts I require.  It should make for some exciting riding.  I did used ride a fixed wheel bike sometimes in my previous, younger cycling life, both for recreation and also the odd 10 & 25 mile time trial on the road.  I also rode a couple of pursuits on the outdoor cycle track at Welwyn.  There a couple of guys who have ridden fixed wheel bikes on the Wednesday club ride.  Boy you should see their legs whizz round on the downhill bits !  Watch this space to follow future developments.