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I set out for a ride this morning, much against my will but I felt I should go out, having already ducked out of the Team MK ride earlier this morning due to oversleeping!!

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However I didn’t get more than a few miles before I realised first of all that my heart rate monitor wasnt doing what it should.. I was riding up a hill with a heart rate in the mid 40’s.. not right at all I thought to myself.. it should have been more in the 140’s.   After a couple of stops I got that going OK.

The next thing I noticed was a peculiar sensation that was like I was pedalling faster than the bike was going, like a slack chain and it kept catching up with me with like a clonking feeling.  On investigating I found that  the left pedal crank was coming loose from the bottom bracket axle and so another stop to fix that was called for, but because I didn’t have a large enough Allen Key in my tool kit, its a really big one, I just finger tightened it and headed for home thinking that it was Gods way to tell me I shouldnt be there.   I hadto stop another couple of times to repeat the tightening as I was afraid to loose the special Campagnolo bolt that holds  the crank on.

I got home safely though and all is fixed now.  On reflection though it’s just as well I didn’t go on the Team MK ride as I wouldn’t have wanted to have that problem then.