This afternoon I managed to start assembling some of the parts that have arrived so far for the fixed wheel bike project.  Having waited indoors all morning for the wheels to be delivered, unable to go out or even down the garage.

Yesterday the seat pin arrived along with the stem and handlebars.   This morning in the post was the front brake.  The wheels arrived around midday so after lunch I ventured down to the garage to start assembly.  The first problem was that the handlebars would not go through the clamp on the stem.   the bend in the bars was too sharp.  It wasnt an ahead-set type of stem.  It was the old fashioned narrow quill type.  I have now ordered a quill only and onto that I will put a more modern stem with a removable face plate to clamp the bars.  That should arrive tomorrow !

Progress so far consists of putting tubes and tyres onto the wheels and fitting the fixed wheel sprocket onto the hub.  I struggled to get the locking ring on until I realised that it was a left hand thread!  Its been a long long time since I fitted one of those, around 50 years I think!!.  I removed the old double chainring in readiness for the new single chainring, also arriving tomorrow hopefully.  The front brake is fitted and just awaits the brake lever to be fitted on the bars and then I can cable that up and adjust the brakes.  The saddle is fitted and adjusted it is one of my ‘spare’ ones.  The chain I will fit from one of the many I have in my drawer that have been removed over the years.  I knew they would come in useful one day.  It will just need to be shortened as they are all off of bikes that had deraillieur gears.  The pedals will also come from my stock of spares but I wont be using any with cleats right away as I might need to get my feet on the ground in a hurry until I am used to it.

So if all goes to plan I will get to ride it tomorrow afternoon.  I am looking forward to that.  I will update the progress tomorrow evening, hopefully with a picture of the completed steed.