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I went out for a bike ride yesterday afternoon.. the first one for 6 days.  I really am not getting enough miles in but there always seems to be a reason to prevent me.  However I ventured out yesterday afternoon after having to wait in all morning for my new BlackBerry to be delivered.

I got a new Bold 9780, my previous Storm had been playing up lately and had been returned 3 times for repair in the last 3 months.  Vodafone’s policy on this is that after 3 returns you can have a new phone but I negotiated for a different phone and got the one that I would have swapped to at the end of my current contract anyway.


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However I digress.  My bike ride took me around one of my usual circuits and was going pretty well until I got almost back home.  I was riding up Olney High Street, and for those that are unfamiliar with it is a very wide road and cars pull in and park at right angles to the road and spaces are always at a premium.   So I was riding up the high street at about 18mph and cars were coming past me and one clever chap who had just  passed me and then saw a gap to park in and did a sharp to turn left into it…  Unfortunately he didn’t appreciate the speed I was going or even look in his wing mirrors.  He just put on his brakes and did a sharp left turn and took me with him.

Luckily no damage to the bike and my only ‘injury’ seems to be a tender left butt cheek!!  just as though someone had given me a good kick.  No hurts to my arms, legs or head!  makes me think I was wearing my helmet at the wrong end ??

After the exchange of a few words me and the driver parted company.  I just have to say in passing though that my first instinct after picking up myself and my bike up was to turn off the Garmin timer so as not to ‘damage’ my average speed !!! I am sure most cyclists would understand this insitinctive behaviour ?