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I ventured out on the fixed wheel bike this afternoon for its inaugural ride.  It turned out to be the fastest ride of the year for me and second fastest of the last 2 years for average speeds!


I pretty soon got used to it.  The first thing that draws your attention is that you can’t freewheel although that should be obvious, the clue is in the title!!  It is a kind of natural thing to want to do at first though.

I have a 44 tooth chainring on the front and a 16 tooth sprocket on the rear.  This gives a gear of around 72″ ( the distance you go forward for one revolution of the pedals).  At 90rpm of the pedals I am going 19.5mph.   I first thought it could be a bit lower but afterwards I think it’s about right.  You have to allow for going down as well as up hills.  90 rpm is a comfortable speed for me on the road bike with gears and I change gears accordingly to keep around that cadence.  The speed depends on what size gear I can push at that rate under the conditions at the time.  On the fixie I was pedalling around 60rpm going up such hills as there on the route and around 125 rpm going down them.  I think on reflection that as I get used to it and get fitter it will be about right.  Definitely good for training I think.

You will see from the stats that my heart rate was more consistent as a result of no slacking and you can also see that the second half of the ride was more hillier and hard work than the first half.  By the way, pay no regard to the temperatures shown.  We didnt suddenly have a heat wave in the Olney area.  There was no bracket on my bike for the Garmin so I put it in my back pocket.  The outside temperature as around 10/11 C this afternoon.

I am woefully behind on target mileage for February.  I have only done 11% and almost halfway through the month already.  However if the weather keeps improving I should make some great inroads on that before the end of the month.