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It was too good a day to stay indoors today.  I had planned a ride today anyway and the weather meant I wasnt going to be deterred by anything, even a growing list of jobs and the fact that it was Valentines Day!  ( but I love my bike/s too!!)

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I headed in a southerly direction and into a south-west wind and also into a low sun which was reflecting off the wet roads.  It made it hard to see what was ahead.  It’s always a problem at this time of year when the sun is low in the sky.  Another problem for a while was when the sun was off to one side and I was cycling past leafless hedges, it generated like a stroboscopic effect, very distracting.  However after about an hour the sun was behind me and also the wind, which was nice !


When I set off I wasnt sure how far I would go but I was feeling good.  Not riding too hard just a comfortable tempo and really enjoying just being out there.  I came across this road junction which just seemed to have too many warning signs for me, given that it was out in the country and not really a big road junction..

Over Use of road signs I think ?

Plenty of work for road sign makers in Bedfordshire I think.. I think too many road signs makes for confusion and you just might miss the vital one, but just look at that sky.. 😉

I completed the ride of 47 miles in just about 3 hours which still isn’t too bad for an easy ride.  It was my longest ride of the year so far but plenty more like that to come.. and further.

I, or rather the bike developed an annoying, intermittent tapping noise which I suspect is probably the bottom bracket on its way but I did find I could tighten one of the cranks a bit when I got home so maybe it was that.   I will have to take a short ride on it again tomorrow to check it out.  I couldnt be bothered to go out again today.  So thats another job on the list!