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Having fought off my recent unexplained lethargy I finally got fed up waiting for the weather to improve and took myself out for a bike ride again this afternoon.  I cant explain the lethargy, it just seemed too much effort to get out on the bike when it was so nice and warm indoors and so cold and wet and uninviting outside.

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It was a half decent day today, still grey and damp and cold but not actually raining.   So, after a morning shopping and early’ish lunch I got myself ready, bit the bullet and got out there.  Another reason for some of the unwillingness was getting fed up with riding the same routes all the time so I hit on the idea of doing one of them the other way around to normal.

I did a ride of just about 39 miles.  Once I was out there it was Ok, I was able to push on a bit but still have this intermittent tapping noise and spent most of the time trying to determine where it was coming from.  I definitely thought the chainset, pedal or bottom bracket area.  At one stage I was thinking it was the saddle as it didnt make a noise when I stood up on the pedals, out of the saddle but I think that was misleading.  I did stop and give the saddle a good pummelling and tried to make it make a noise but none was forthcoming.   Anyway the outcome is that I have ordered a bottom bracket that hopefully will arrive tomorrow as I have this great online supplier of all things bike with an incredible and free delivery service and always quality gear at good prices.  All the other parts that it could be I have in my ‘spares store’ so hopefully the end is in sight for my niggling knocking noises.

I did do an out and back ride on the 17th of just under 30 miles that I didnt write about here. I terminated that because the knocking/tapping noise re-appeared and I thought I had tracked it down to a loose crank after my previous ride but it turned out after a few miles not to have been the problem.  I did a bit more fiddling about before todays ride and it seemed OK for a few miles but came back again.