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Another song title heading.. what will be next ??  The silence though refers to the succesful eradication of the tapping noise I have been plagued with recently.  Today was just the high-pitched hum of tyres, the wind rushing past my ears and my heavy breathing!!

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Changing the bottom bracket did the trick I am happy to say!  Just the satisfying high-pitched hum of  23mm tyres pumped to around 100psi.  As I was mostly riding at around 15 or 17 mph into a 15mph wind it was rushing past my ears at 30mph’ish, quite noisy really.  Mind you the bits with a tailwind were beautiful, just the aforementioned tyre noise which is a great sound to hear.

I rode into Northamptonshire today.  Out through Salcey Forest and on to Roade via Hartwell.  It was then across country to Towcester via  Stoke Bruerne and a loop round via Pury End and Paulerspury to Grafton Regis.  After that through Hanslope and then Castlethorpe and Haversham to Gayhurst and Filgrave.  It was quite a tough ride, especially to start with as the wind was coming from the south-west direction so any part of the ride that had a ‘west’ in the direction was hard going.  The outrun was also probably the hilliest part.  I don’t think the average speed was much above 14mph for the first 20 miles, but hills are what I need to get into shape and the headwinds also added that little extra spice and workout.

Still much work to be done I think but slowly getting there and getting more aggressive with my riding again and able to sustain a bit more pressure now.  A sign of the approaching Spring was the amazing number of wild snowdrops I saw by the roadsides so bring on the Spring lets get the shorts on again and some air around my arms and legs !!