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Well what was that all about ?  I started my ride this morning in beautiful sunshine and clear blue sky.  I was headed for around 40 miles I finished it in cold almost freezing rain after 20 miles.  After the untimely interruption of a puncture at around 8 miles.

I had felt the back tyre getting a little ‘spongy’ and bounced on the saddle and felt the tyre compress onto the road.  I pulled in to handy gap in the hedge which also had an iron gate acroos the entrance to a bridle path.  This was useful for hanging the bike on by its saddle after I had removed the rear wheel.  Another convenience was that of a puddle in a hole by the road side that was useful for puncture tracing.  All was soon accomplished with the application of a self adhesive puncture patch and the use of my very powerful pocket size mini pump that inflates to at least 100psi in fairly short time for a pump that is only about 200mm (8″) long and 20mm(3/4 “) diameter.

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This little interlude caused me to alter my plans some what as I was still headed away from home and I decided it was better to head towards home but take a longer route round than my outward journey.  Just as well that I did as within a very few miles I could feel rain on my face and cold rain at that.  By the time I got home it was pretty heavy rain.. What a change around in the weather that was.

It’s at this point, sitting here typing this that I realise a pictures might have aided my descriptions a bit, for instance of the repair location.  At the time though I don’t think of things like that I am just keen to get back on the road again, must do better.

The tyre and repair held up just fine and I could have carried on with my intended route I guess.  I did still have a spare inner tube and loads more sticky patches.

The bonus was that I was able to watch the Kuurne – Brussells – Kuurne bike race live on the computer which was won by Chris Sutton from Team Sky then the Rugby match between Scotland and Ireland on the TV, which Ireland won.  At the same time I was switching over to check the scores in the cricket match between England and India.  Then the Carling Cup football final between Arsenal and Birmingham which is still in progress but stood at 1 – 1 at half time when I left.  I had just had too much tension what with the cycling being a sprint finish, the rugby a 21 -18 win for Ireland, the Cricket match finished as a draw, a most unusual occurence for cricket and finally the football game standing at a draw.  I will go back to rejoin that in after I am done here.