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It was a good day yesterday, so after the day warmed up a bit, to 6C which is warm by recent standards, I got my bike out, pumped up the tyres and got my cycling kit and set off around 11a.m.


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I had another go at the route I had planned for my last ride but had to abort because of the puncture and then rain, very cold rain, almost ice.   I passed the spot where I fixed my puncture and carried on round, heading more or less into a north-east wind so as to have the advantage of it on the return side of the loop.

Everything went pretty well, it was sunny but stayed around the 6C mark and I kept pushing on with no stops at all.  I was feeling pretty good and musing to myself as I do when I am riding, that if I waited until I felt I was fit enough I would never get around to entering any races so I talked myself into entering a race for the end of this month and just get on with it.  If I am not fit enough. then I will just race myself fit.

I am writing this on Saturday, the day after this ride and also after I spent a good part of the day marshalling at circuit race at Milton Keynes Bowl.  So I will post details of that in my next post.