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This is a belated report on my first visit to Team MK evening training at Milton Keynes Bowl on Tuesday evening.

I have done the picture slightly differently this time so that you can have some idea of the layout.  An aerial view instead of just a road map.  You will see the thick red line, this is just a very thin line repeated 25 times and I didn’t follow the exact same route each lap!  The ride details make interestingly different viewing, especially the profiles.  I only figured out how to do the lap timing on the Garmin for the last 5 laps.

The Bowl is an enormous outdoor entertainment arena with a large permanent stage area on the left of the picture.  This is situated at the lower end of the circuit and there are about 200 metres of flat track there.  It then drags uphill to a point exactly opposite the stage and then back down the other side to the stage ‘straight’.  The hill is a good one to ‘attack’ in a reasonably high gear, if you feel suitably ‘inclined’ (No pun intended, well maybe it was!).  It is just over 1 kilometre per lap or 0.67 miles.  Also see the picture in the previous post.

It was a useful experience and seemed a bit strange riding around and around in the dark.  There is some perimeter lighting but only very low-level, enough to pick out the edge of the roadway. This is why the organiser insists riders having lights, not so much to see, but to be seen.  There wasnt any bunch riding as such just individuals riding around at their own pace and occasionally joining up with others for a bit of ‘through and off’ riding but it generally all came apart once the climb kicked in.  Either through riders attacking the hill or just going up at their own pace.  After 25 laps I had had enough, its quite a concentrated effort and riding up that hill 25 times takes it’s toll towards the end.  I think it will be a quicker ride once the lighter evenings get here and you can see the bends and the edge of the road properly

I will definitely be repeating the experience regularly now until it finishes.  But just as it finishes the LVRC (League of Veteran Racing Cyclists) start their weekly circuit race program through the summer every Thursday evening which I will be taking part in.  The races consist of one hour of laps, however many that turns out to be and then 5 laps to the finish.