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I have had a recent spate of punctures again after swapping to Michelin tyres for some winter riding.  The previous time I used Michelin’s was last year in France and I had big problems with punctures there.

My favoured tyre for the last few years has always been Schwalbe tyres and the two swaps to Michelin’s and subsequent punctures has reinforced my liking for Schwalbe tyres in various styles for their puncture resistance.   They are a good quality tyre at a reasonable price I think.  I have had quite few punctures on other makes, namely the Michelin’s but the only time my Schwalbe tyres let me down was a ‘pinch’ puncture when I rode into a pothole in the road so not really their fault.

I have used the Lugano model mainly for everyday road riding and training and I have a pair of Stelvio’s for racing although these are no longer made and have been replaced by the Durano.  There is also an Ultremo road race tyre but I have no experience of these yet.  In addition I have the ‘Marathon’ tyres on my touring bike.

Somehow they do seem extremely puncture proof due to a puncture resistant belt under the tread.  Anyway I have learned my lesson and I pass this information on for anybody that is interested and is maybe plagued with puncture problems, its worth a try.  After yesterday second puncture in less than a week I reverted back to my faithful Schwalbe tyres before todays ride and there I will stay !  A high performing tyre at a reasonable price.