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Well, I got myself all nicely prepared for my evening training session at Milton Keynes Bowl last night.  I had nice pasta meal, earlier than usual to accommodate the 6:15pm departure time, clothes all laid out..tyres pumped up..

I went out and fitted the bike rack and the bike, collected my gear and set off.  Arrived at ‘The Bowl’ unloaded bike, fitted Garmin, put on my jacket only find that my cycling shoes were still waiting back at home in the kitchen, where I had left them after my last ride so that I wouldn’t forget them.  But I did…Duh!!!!

I tried a few laps just with my trainers/sports shoes on but found it hard going with big shoes on tiny SPD pedals on the hill and unable to pull up on the pedals as the other one was being pushed down.  The shoes have plates on them to clip into the pedals and are easily released with a little twist of the ankle.

Wellgo Pedal SPD

SPD Pedals

After about 10 laps of struggling ( click for ride details) I gave up and came home with hopefully a final day of painting to look forward to today.  But after today I will be ‘more available’ for cycling opportunities and able to take advantage of all the beautiful spring weather we are going to experience from now until summer !!  Maybe a spot of wishful thinking there..