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It was back to a longer ride today.  My last few outings have been either short laps or longer laps, but always laps.  Today I headed out for a longer ride of around 50 miles on a fairly well used route of mine but not recently used.

I rode out in a north-easterly direction initially and then back down towards Grafham Water, where I had planned a coffee stop.  However I was feeling good and didn’t particularly want to stop as that entailed going through the process of warming up again and I never like that phase.  Therefore I elected not to break off the loop to go to the cafe at Grafham for the coffee and then rejoin my circuit again.  It’s at almost exactly the halfway point of 25 miles and I rode straight on and taking my nourishment on the move.   I frequently take a sip from my bottle and after about halfway I started tucking in to my food. Today this consisted of half a Soreen malt loaf which I had cut up into manageable cubes and wrapped in tin foil.  All this was taken on the move.

The return and more southerly part of the loop was at times slightly harder going where it was into the north-west wind but it wasnt that strong a wind.  I completed the ride of 52.2 miles in a  shade over 3 hours, an average speed of 16.2 mph.  Which, considering I hadn’t set out to ride fast, just far, I was quite happy with.  My next planned ride is another out and back ride and will be the Team MK club ride on Saturday morning.  These are usually between 40 and 50 miles but with a coffee stop at or around the halfway point.   Most club rides are planned around these cafes as they are well known and liked and are pleased to cater for groups of cyclists.