Saturday 19/3 Team MK Club Ride

I have a bit of catching up to do in terms of ride reports.  (Further delayed by a problem at just as I was about to post this last night !).  Last Saturday was my first club ride since last November.  The weather brought about lots of missed rides and then after Christmas it was a question of regaining enough fitness to survive a Group C training ride.

I decided it was time to take the plunge again and happy that I did.  I enjoyed the ride very much and coped pretty well with the pace and distance.  I spent what I think was more than my fair share on the front of a group of about 18 riders.  Not complaining mind you I was happy that I could do that to be honest and it adds a bit more benefit from the ride.

It was long loop out past the edges of Towcester and Silverstone to Turweston Aerodrome to the ‘Flying Pig Cafe’ that is obviously popular with cyclists as three of the Team MK groups finished up there for a mid ride ‘cuppa’ and also another club, from Bicester I think?  It was a former World War 2 Bomber training facility apparently.  I would think the access road probably hasn’t been repaired since that time, and might even have been used for target practice !!  It was quite a technical riding task to avoid the potholes and cracks in the road.

The ride back to Stony Stratford was shorter than the outward journey and considerably faster.  The overall average was around 16+ mph but the return leg was around 18+mph average.

Now I am looking forward to some more regular riding with the club as its much better riding in a group and good practice for wheel following at speed in a bunch of riders.  maybe I will venture into the ‘B’ group for a ride before I start my racing programme.


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