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Today was another glorious spring day.  A misty start but by the time I was ready to ride the mists had gone and the sun was shining.  I thought it was going to be a cold start and warmer later so when I was getting ready I forsook the tights and long-sleeved top and donned the arm and leg warmers for removal later on.  However I stepped outside the door and it was already quite warm so I went back indoors to dispense with the arm and leg warmers and stuck with short sleeve top and shorts for the first time this year.

I wanted a long ride today but wasnt quite sure how far I wanted to go so headed off on a route that allowed me options.  As usual I tried to avoid major roads as much as possible and keep to the country lanes and quiet roads.  I did a big loop around most of central Bedfordshire and as I was coming back towards Olney I realised the 100km ride was a milestone worth aiming for and I thought I might be just a mile or so short so I took a bit of a diversion up the cycle path out of Olney and headed away from town for about half a mile as I was indicating miles on my Garmin and kilometers I thought 63 miles would give me my 100km. In the end I broke the 1ookms by a couple of kms (102.68) so I was able to feel that glow of self-satisfaction.

I was very happy with my stats for the ride given that I was riding solo, around the aforesaid country lanes which can be very twisty and turny and also up and down quite a bit.  Plenty of stops and starts at road junctions too.  Towards the end I was still feeling pretty good and hitting the 17/18mph quite easily on the flat stretches, much to my surprise.   The average of 16.6mph overall was pretty good I think and you can see from my heart rates and the speed that I was still piling on the pressure towards the end.

The only food and drink I took was half a Soreen malt loaf which I had pre-cut into small cubes and wrapped in tin foil to make it easier to eat and a Mars bar.  The drink was just 500ml of Robinsons Lemon Barley Water.  In hindsight I could have done with the bigger drinks bottle but I rationed it out quite well.