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I made my second appearance of the year on the Team MK ‘C group’ ride today.. there were about 20 riders in this group.  The ride was to a cafe at Canons Ashby, National Trust location in Northamptonshire.  26 miles out and 21 miles back on a ‘circular’ route.

Canons Ashby.

Canons Ashby House

The ride was quite hilly but a fairly evenly matched group meant that a good momentum was kept up all the way.  Just the occasional but welcome slow down for a breather while re-grouping took place.

Coming back was not quite so easy, as can be interpreted from my stats on the charts.  A higher rate and a higher average speed.  There was a bit of a ‘Cavendish’ moment as we approached Deanshanger, near to the end of the ride.  We were riding along at a good speed, probably around 28’ish mph when one of the guys decided he was going to ‘sprint for the sign’, which is an age-old cycling custom and sometimes occurs when approaching place names on the entry to villages, towns, etc. the sign is ‘seen’ as an imaginary finish line in a race.  He pulled out from the bunch and started sprinting down the outside of the line and all of a sudden he was tumbling down the road instead of riding..  fortunately everybody else avoided it but he was pretty grazed and cut and would have been worse if he hadn’t been wearing arm warmers and tights.  The bike needed the handlebars re-aligning a bit and the brake levers needed straightening again.

After a brief recovery and repair stop we were on our way again and it appears that he was of the opinion that one of his feet pulled out from the pedal cleat with the power he was putting down , and pulling up.  ( the advantage of the shoe cleats is that you not only push down on the pedals but you also pull up on the upward movement as well to get more power).  So no real damage done except a few grazes and wounded pride.