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Today I took part in my first midweek ride with Team MK since November last year (2010) today.  It was pretty hard too.  There were a few riders there who normally ride in the group above the one I ride in at the weekends.  The Wednesday rides are a mixed bunch of all categories.

When I heard where we were going to I was hoping I was going to make it alright.  I knew it wasnt going to be an easy ride.   Upper Stowe is one of the first rides I did with the club and about the hardest in terms of hills.  It’s all hills with pretty much no flat.  By the time we got to Cafe for a drinks break we had averaged 17.5mph, which over that sort of terrain is hard going.  There was no let up from start to finish, everybody just kept pushing and no hanging around as nobody was dropped.

When we restarted some of the guys went back the way we came to benefit from the tailwind that had been a headwind on the way out.  I went with the other group.  I shouldnt have done though because they went a longer way round and I was unaware they planned another cafe stop at Salcey Forest.  I couldn’t take advantage of that as I had to be back for a dental appointment in the afternoon.  I therefore said my farewells and headed back to Stony Stratford on my own to collect my car and get home.

This was my third ride this week, I haven’t reported on the other’s individually because I didn’t seem to find the time.  I did 52 miles last Saturday on the club ride and on Monday I did another ride of 43 miles.