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I went out on the Wednesday ride with Team MK this morning but by some kind of twist of fate I found myself riding with the faster group.  There was a bunch of about 18 of us assembled to ride and they said OK lets go, so off we went and when I looked behind me after a while I realised there was only seven of us in the group!  I soon realised I was in the fast group and that it was going to be a fast ride but decided to hang on in there and see how I fared.

I did OK though and when we got to the cafe after about 25 miles I saw we had averaged 19.3mph over some pretty hilly terrain.  I did a few stints on the front as its expected you will do your bit of work at the front.  The ride back was not quite so fast as by the time we reached the dispersal point the average had dropped to 19.1 mph for the best part of 40 miles.  I took it a bit easy after that on the way back to Stony Stratford but you can see the breakdown of the two sections of the ride in the Laps section of the ride data.

I had been considering a move up to the ‘B’ group from the ‘C’ group and now I think i will definitely give it a go as its definitely harder riding and I was pretty well pushed on this ride which is as it should be.  Its better to be a little bit out of your comfort zone I think.   Talking with the guys on the ride as we broke up the average speed was a bit up on the ‘B Group’ average and almost up to  ‘A Group’ speeds.  On checking my average heart rate for the ride I found it shared top spot with one other ride, the road race I did a couple of weeks ago so thats another sign that I should ride in a higher group