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After my Wednesday ride experience I have decided to move up from the C group ride on Saturdays to the B group.  It’s a longer and faster ride so I do so with some trepidation as its difficult to tell how hard it will be but I definitely feel it will do my racing fitness good.  I need to push myself and if it gets hard drive myself on to hang on through the pain barrier.  I am going to aim to stay at the back of the group as much as possible while I asses my capabilities compared to the group.  Everyone tells me I will be fine so I hope they are right !!  The benefit will be a more consistent speed and not so much change of pace and more orderly group riding.  The guidelines for the A and B groups state that you must be able to find your own way home in the event of being dropped.. that sounds promising !!

I think, given my age the B group is as high as I will, and can realistically expect to go.  I know the A group are much younger, fitter and competitive and they ride further.