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Its been a busy week really.. so much so that I have got behind with my blogging so this will have to be a brief summary and I will give you a link to my latest Garmin ride report at the end and if you like you can scroll through back through the rides from there.

Starting on Wednesday, that was a club ride of 51 miles that took us via a very long loop to the garden centre at Podington for refreshments in the cafe there.  It was a pretty hard ride but I needed it.

On Thursday evening I took a ride out from home the eight miles or so the circuit I would be racing around on Saturday in the hope that the wind that had been blowing straight down the open and exposed climb had subsided somewhat.  No such luck it was as strong as ever.  It had been my intention to sort out what gears I was going to use for maximum effect in the race but it was hopeless as the wind was so strong, about 25mph plus blowing straight in to my face.  I aborted that experiment after one lap and headed home again.

Saturday morning I rode out to the start of the race as part of my warm up procedure as it was only around 8 miles and I just took an easy ride to get my legs going.

The actual race was a bit of a disappointment.  For a start the wind was if anything stronger than on my previous two visits.  As we rode the neutralised section from the race HQ to the circuit there was a helicopter overhead and I was thinking how like the Tour de France, but it turned out just to be from the adjoining airfield.  The race got underway as soon as we were on the circuit and I was hanging on in the bunch and doing OK but after a few laps I could feel the sinister sensation of a rim starting to run on a flattening tyre, yes I had a slow puncture.  I stopped to change the inner tube but there was no point in continuing after that as I would never have caught the race up after that sufficiently to get a reasonable placing.  I suppose in retrospect I should have ploughed on round just to get the miles in but that hill was going to be a killer, especially on my own for all of the remaining laps so I called it a day.  I pedalled sedately back to the start, the easy route, back the way I came.  I found another Team MK member already there and we watched the rest of the two races to their conclusion.  In the ‘younger’ race Team MK riders finished 3rd and 4th and in my race the other Team MK rider finished in the bunch.

By way of penance I went out for a ride this afternoon, details here .  I went out in between races on Eurosport TV.  The Tour of Turkey and the Tour de Romandie (Switzerland).  I did 28 hard miles at a good pace for the conditions, that “*7%@!?” wind  was still blowing as strong as ever but had veered round bit from the last few days and it was quite a testing, hilly circuit as well.  I had had enough by the time I finished which is always a good sign.

My next event is going to be the LVRC race at Milton Keynes Bowl on Tuesday.  A Multi category event with one race and several age group races within the one overall race.  It consists of riding laps for for one hour at whatever the race pace turns out to be and that controls the amount of laps ridden of the 1km circuit and then 5 more laps to produce the winner.  I have never ridden a race like this before so it will be a ride of discovery for me.   I think I should not be tempted to stay with the bunch all the race as they are going to be younger and fitter than me.  I think finding my own pace and whoever is a similar ability to me and  riding with them will be my policy.  Hope that works for me.. 🙂