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I decided as it was such a nice afternoon I would go out for a few easy country miles in the sunshine by way of preparation for tomorrows race.  I went out on the Specialized bike as I felt it deserved a trip out in the sunshine after all the winter riding it did.. 😉

I selected an easy, undulating circuit that would finish with me riding home with a tail wind.  I took it really easy and was on very quiet country roads mostly, very pleasurable after the last few hectic training rides.  It was a ride of just on 22 miles and I was quite surprised that despite my intention of taking it easy, which I felt I did, I still achieved an average of very close to 16mph so my fitness must be coming on OK after all !!

I even had time to stop to take some pictures that I have included here for your delight and delectation.. 😉

The view from on high..

The Swan pub at Astwood

Cottage at Astwood