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After last weekends race my next race was to be the LVRC (League of Veteran Racing Cyclists) event at Milton Keynes Bowl.  Its part of a season long series of races every Tuesday evening through until the end of August.  It is a points series and you accumulate points for placings through the season.

Tuesdays event was a new venture for me.  I havent done any short circuit racing before.  The main race was split into two.  The A’s and B’s (40 -50 yrs old) rode in the first start and the rest of us, the C’s D’s E’s F’s and a G ( 50 – 75 yrs old) rode in the second start about 30 seconds after the first group left.  My plan was to stay with the group as long as I comfortably could and then go at my own pace and hope to wind in stragglers from the bunch as they dropped off.  I stayed with the group for about 5 or 6 laps and then one of the ‘youngsters’ (5o’ish) attacked on the climb and split the race up.  From then on I was pretty much riding around on my own.  Hopefully as the series progresses my fitness will improve and I will get that extra couple of mph to hang on in there.  I also need to cope better with the rapid changes of pace in these shorter races.

After 25 minutes they opened up the perimeter gates and added an extended loop onto the circuit, hence the peculiar shape on the map.  While I am on the subject of peculiar shapes, you will see a trail leaving the circuit and heading out on the road for about a mile.  That was my fault, I left the Garmin switched on after the race and tracked part of my journey home until I remembered and stopped and turned it off.  It didn’t affect the timings too much as not much speed was possible up until that point.  After 40 minutes of racing the sign went up for 5 laps to go and it was soon all over.

So far as the race result goes I am unsure of my finish position but I was either 2nd or 3rd in the ‘F’ group, overall I have no clue as to where I finished.  Its quite a complicated affair with two races and several categories within those to assemble and work out.  As yet the official race results havent been posted, maybe I will get some idea at next weeks event if not before.