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I should have gone out for a ride today but the dreaded wind is still with us and I just couldnt face it.  It’s about time it went away I think.   I know it shows lack of discipline but I did find other things to do that needed doing.  Some shopping this morning and some admin to do this afternoon in the absence of live cycling on TV as it’s a rest day in the Giro d’Italia. Oh, and I also found myself writing this blog !!

I am awaiting some parts I ordered to a do a conversion job on my fixed wheel bike.  Having seem James Warnes blog “ridefixies” I really liked the look of his bike and so decided to get the necessary gear to convert my Fixie bars to the bullhorn type.   I like the idea that I can ride it without the full lycra look and just a regular pair of shorts and tee shirt if I like.  Also just for use as a fun bike.

The existing bars and stem wont be wasted though as they will go on the Claud Butler touring bike to try to reduce some more weight there.  At the moment it has some VERY old, and I am talking about 50 years old, Cinelli steel engraved bars on it.  So to accomplish this task I have had to buy the bullhorn bars, a new stem for the Claud Butler bike, the tri bar type brake levers for the bullhorn bars, a Aheadset stem conversion for the Claud Butler, a front and rear caliper brake for the Fixie as I have also ordered a free wheel to fit on the other side of the wheel to the fixed sprocket.  What is termed a ‘flip-flop’ arrangement.  At present I just have a front brake but to give me the option I am fitting front and rear brakes.


'Flip-Flop', fixed/freewheel setup