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I got myself back on the road again today.  I did 55 miles (Nearly 90km) in a big loop around Bedford.  The wind was still there but maybe dropped a little from the last few days.  It was definitely of assistance for the first half of the ride, as much as it was of no assistance on the second half.  It was a very rural route only about half a mile of it on what would be classed as main roads.

There were plenty of quaint villages along the way such as Old Warden.  The airfield there is the home of the Shuttleworth Collection of Vintage aircraft such as this old Sopwith Camel which is part of the collection.  They hold regular flying displays of the aircraft stored there.  Also see this link to the Shuttleworth Collection.

Sopwith Triplane over Old Warden

Sopwith Camel Triplane over Old Warden

Just up the road from there is Ickwell Green where I stopped for a drink and a chunk of Soreen malt loaf, my staple cycling diet.  The green used to have a permanent maypole there for the maypole dancing that was part of the old Ickwell May Day celebrations.  Unfortunately the pole was not to be seen but I think they remove it now when its not being used.  Here is a further link with details of this years celebrations.   This ended the first half of the ride and most picturesque and sheltered part it and also the benefits of any kind of tail winds.

I enjoyed my ride, once again planning to take it easy ahead of my training ride with Team MK tomorrow but I seem unable to to take it too slowly.  I wasnt going flat out but I wasnt in touring mode either.  It remains to be seen how I get on tomorrow morning now?