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Time to catch up with some belated blog postings I think.  I have been somewhat remiss due to preparations for the upcoming holiday and also the need to keep riding the bike.

1)  Team MK Club Ride, Saturday 28th May

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This was a 51 miler.  I rode over to Stony Stratford as is usual when the club rides are heading towards my home and then I drop off near to Olney on the way back.  It means I get over the hills between Gayhurst and Haversham at my own pace and don’t get involved in the mini road race melee that is the last few miles of the club run. 🙂

Our ride took us by a very circuitous route to Emmaus at Carlton.  Emmaus Communities offer homeless people a home, work and the chance to rebuild their lives in a supportive environment.  There are currently 20 Communities around the UK and several more in development.   It also has a rather splendid cafe attached to it, huge pieces of home made cake will always make it a favourite among cyclists.

2) Solo Ride Tuesday 31st May

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It was a nice start to the day, quite bright and very little wind.  I decided to ride the route of a local Sportive, ‘The Quattro 50″.   It is called the Quattro because it visits four counties.  Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire.  There are 3 versions of it, the 50, the 60 and the 80 miles.  Only the 80 and the 60 go into Cambridgeshire and I will ride these at some time in the future.  It useful for me as it starts locally at Wollaston and it goes out and around Olney so one of those rides when you can ride a long way but never be too far away from home.  I joined the circuit at Olney and took in the start on my way round if you follow my drift ? !!

It’s quite a hard ride being fairly hilly but nothing too major.  About half way round it started to rain a little, but it only turned out to be a brief shower and was followed by a couple more a little later.  Just enough rain to mean I had to clean and lubricate the Felt bike when I got home.  I wanted to give it a final test run after a few adjustments before putting it away until my departure for France at the weekend.  Everything seemed just fine I am pleased to report and the bike is all cleaned and oiled and ready for departure.

It was during this ride that I met and passed my 600 mile target for May by 40 miles.

3) Bike Bits

On preparing the Specialized for a possible ride on Thursday I checked the chain for wear in the light of recent discussions on friend Steve’s Blog.  On checking it with the gauge I was surprised to find it was well overdue for replacement.  I don’t know why I was surprised really as it has had a good couple of years wear and tear including a few mountain climbs on my French holiday last year and some rough winter riding.  I duly ordered a replacement chain from my favourite supplier, High On Bikes which arrived promptly as always and is now fitted and ready to go tomorrow hopefully !  Discovered, ordered, posted and fitted within 2 days, not bad.

I now turn to my new Fulcrum Racing 3 Wheels.  After a few rides I am now of the opinion there is a difference between these and the previous, cheaper but still adequate and  functional wheels.   There is something different about the ride.  Whilst I am neither fit nor young enough to test them to their limits I do notice a difference in the way they run and deal with bumps in the road.   I also think there is an increased rigidity when I am up out of the saddle pushing on up hill.