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Thursday 9th June

It was a relaxed start to the day.  With breakfast and chores out of the way we took a pleasant walk along the river side into the town.  It seemed deserted, there was hardly anybody around.  I don’t know if it was a holiday here, I don’t think so though.  We have noticed on driving through French villages on our travels that you never see many people around or even any some times.

Next I had to try and get my blogs posted.  I had forgotten to bring my lead for transferring pictures from my BlackBerry to the laptop so I had to configure the Bluetooth device on the laptop and transfer a picture from yesterdays ride to insert in the blog I posted this morning of yesterday’s events.  That taxed the brain for a while I can tell you but I achieved it in the end but it was so very slow I think I’ll have to take my camera with me to take photos so that I can just insert the card.  Unfortunately I don’t have SD/Micro SD adaptor either so I can’t take the card out of the phone.  I always seem to forget something and usually its several something’s !


I resolved the file transfer problem from phone to laptop.  I found a mini SD card adaptor in one of my Garmin map disc boxes so I don’t need to take phone and camera when I go out. Garmin link for Thursday ride

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Late afternoon after watching the Dauphine Libere race on France3 TV I decided on a quick bike ride along what appeared on the map was a valley road the following the line of the River Lot.  As usual in my assumptions it was nothing like that.  It did follow the river but from an increasingly higher altitude.  I pressed onward and upward until eventually I came to a sign that said ‘Col du Trescol 711m’ (2332ft!)

Col du Trescol

on the climb up I averaged a mere 12+mph but I set the lap recorder to time my return journey downwards and that averaged 21+mph.  At one stage I had to slow down as I was catching up with a bus that was much slower round the bends than me.  I stopped for a couple of photo opportunities on the way down.

River Lot on descent

St Eulalie d'Olt

It must great to live around here if you ride a bike.  Great rides on great roads with great scenery