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It had been a nice day; we went for a walk just up the road to a lovely little, old village, St Eulalie d’Olt.  It was just by chance really, I photographed it on my return from a bike ride the other day.  It was very picturesque and lots to see.  I expect Jan will have plenty about in her blog so I won’t duplicate it.

St Eulalie d'Olt

St Eulalie d'Olt

We had a lazy afternoon after our lunch and I watched the last stage of the Dauphine Libere cycle race.  Bradley Wiggins had been leading the race for the last few days and managed to hold on to the lead to the end and win the race overall, maintaining the lead he gained from the time trial stage.  Well done Bradley !

I went for a bike before our evening meal along the valley the other side of the river to us and headed east, again it involved a climb of about 5 miles until I joined a main road and turned left on to that for a few miles and then left again for about 8 miles and then left in St Saturnin de Lenne to take the same turn as I took the other day and up a climb before a repeat of descent and down into St Geniez d’Olt and ‘home’. A ride of about 23 miles and I managed an average of over 16mph for the first time this holiday.

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Tomorrow we move on to a site close to Bedoin, the start of the climb up Mont Ventoux.  For about 15 miles it winds up and up, steeper and steeper I believe.  I will find out on Tuesday all being well and you’ll read about it here.

I have a confession to make to Steve, my American friend and fellow blogger.  He brought me over a Clif bar when he visited from the USA and we went for a ride.  He had mentioned them in one of his blog postings and I said I hadn’t seen them over here.  I have since found they are available though.  I said I would save it and place it on the Tommy Simpson memorial close to the top of the climb where he died.  Well Steve, in all the confusion of packing etc. I forgot to bring the bar with me, sorry about that buddy L but I will pass on your regards at the memorial.

I am writing this on Sunday evening but there is no wifi available this evening for me to post it but It will be posted at the earliest opportunity.