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After breakfast we took a drive to the ‘Super U’ supermarket in Embrun, just 8 miles away, to stock up on vital supplies like wine, beer and bbq food but I hasten to add fruit and vegetables as well.

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After a baguette filled with cheese and tomato for lunch I went for a bike ride back down to Savines le Lac and turned right after the bridge and started the climb up to Le Sauze du Lac, A climb of 10km (6 miles) to 1035 metres.

On my way down to the bridge I was passed by a ‘chain-gang’ of four riders who I then followed into Savines le Lac where they pulled in to a car park where there were a lot of other cyclists gathered.  Obviously some kind of organised ride and they were the stragglers.  I carried on past and up the climb.  After a few kilometres I was passed on the climb by a succession of younger and fitter riders in ones and twos, about seven or eight of them, obviously the fitter ones from the group assembled at the bottom.

The ride goes up the opposite side of the lake to where we are staying so at one point about after about a mile I could get a glimpse of the site over the lake.  I eventually reached the top and found the cyclists that had passed me waiting there, obviously waiting for the rest of the group.  I think they were Dutch, at least the ones I heard talking where.  I ambled across to the viewpoint to take some pictures towards the Dam ( Barrage de Serre Poncon).  As this was the ‘storage’ side there is not much to be seen of it but I hope to do a lap of that half of the lake at some time during our stay so I will get a picture of the other side then.

Arrival and departure road

As I came back ready for the descent some more cyclists had arrived from the group but I was going back down the way I came.  To complete the ride around that half of the lake and past the dam it is a ride of about 50 miles.

The descent was great, long sweeping bends that could be taken at speed although on the more level parts it was a struggle into the headwind.   As I re-entered Savines le Lac it was coming up very black overhead, looking like a storm was due. However before I got back to the site the sun came out again so instead of turning left into the site I turned right and up the hairpins towards Prunieres until my Garmin showed and altitude of 900 metres.  I then turned around again and enjoyed some more hairpin descending right down into the site.

As yet the storm hasn’t arrived, some 2 hours later, but it has clouded over now.  I remember it was a similar pattern last year on some days.  Sunshine in the morning and then a storm in the afternoon/evening then all quiet again.  I guess all this beautiful turquoise water in the lake has to come from somewhere?