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It was a short’ish drive across to Lac De Serre Poncon from Ville sur Auzon.  Just about two and a half hours on quiet roads.  The only bit we were not looking forward to was the drive through Gap as it has always seemed to be midday when we get there previously and it is always very busy.  However this time we were approaching from the south west and we didn’t touch gap at all.  Instead there was a nice route that bypassed it altogether and brought us about 5 miles from our destination, which was nice !

We soon settled in on arrival and even got the same pitch as we had last year although it wouldn’t have mattered too much, all the pitches have a wonderful view of the lake and at this time of year there is always plenty of room.  Fortunately it doesn’t seem to have been ‘discovered’ yet.  I think maybe some people are maybe put off by the initial appearance but all the ‘facilities’ are good and the view and setting cannot be beaten in my opinion.

All ready and waiting..

Nothing has changed at all, still the same proprietor, a very laid back, zany sort of character but always ready for a laugh and his son who must be in his mid twenties and seems to be a chip off the old block.  But they are always very helpful and fortunately speak quite good English