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No, I didn’t ride up it. We went shopping, it was raining so we continued up the main road to Guillestre and turned right and went past the base of another climb up to Risoul, which I saw in a race last year, awesome climb! We were then on the lower slopes of the Col du Vars but from this side we were going up it the ‘wrong’ way.

We went up and through the base layer of cloud and into watery sunshine then onward and upward winding our way through the deserted ski resorts of Vars and up to the summit. It looked quite dismal in the weather conditions that were there.

Summit of Col du Vars

Once over the summit and looking down you could see the road the racers ride up winding its was down, hairpin after hairpin all the way down. It was quite spectacular despite the rain. We had passed several groups of cyclists coming down the side we went up and they had obviously ridden up this, hats off to them, chapeau!

Looking down Col du Vars

We completed the loop round the mountains, coming back via Barcellonete.